The daily activities in Arugam Bay and Pottuvil start early. Around 4 o'clock the first fishing boats go out to sea. It is possible to arrange trips with them.

An hour later the Mullah in the mosque sends his first morning prayers out, and at six the sky is changing color.

The sun rises over the sea an hour later. Now the early surfers are already swimming near the surf point. This is also the ideal time to start walks along the beach or take a bicycle-ride inland.

If you want to watch wildlife, you may drive in a jeep 10-15 km down South before sunrise or walk along the lagoon. But in the evenings as well after 5 o'clock till 7 p.m. you meet wild elephants, deer, wild pig, crocodiles and many other animals nearby. Also the birdlife is known to be very rich and interesting to watch in this area.

You can swim or fight with the waves in the sea all year round. On few occasions in January and February is the lagoon opened up by the people living on its shores, and excess water is streaming out to the sea. Then there is a bustling fishing life around the opening, and it is dangerous to swim nearby until it is closed again.

Being an area with links back to ancient kingdoms there are many remnants in the jungle from old Buddhist culture. Just outside Pottuvil behind the dunes are excavations of a 2000 year old temple, Modu Maha Vihare.

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